An Elixir conference driven by inclusion.

November 10, 2017

Providence, Rhode Island

Elixir With Love is a proactive conference with the mission of introducing developers to this exciting new language and building a diverse Elixir community.

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Registration includes a full day of technical talks introducing you to the most exciting language features, functional coding practices, and projects in the burgeoning Elixir, Erlang/OTP, and Phoenix ecosystem.

We'll also feature cultural talks that focus on building a positive, welcoming Elixir community in the tech industry.

Breakfast, lunch, coffee, and snacks will be provided throughout the day for all attendees. Extra activities like lightning talks and a book raffle are planned.

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Each and every ticket is a vote advocating for inclusivity in open source development.

In spirit of the conference mission, we are able to offer an uncapped number of diversity tickets by providing them at a reduced rate for members of underrepresented communities in tech.

As members and allies of those communities ourselves, we see a tremendous opportunity in 2017 to increase the representation of women, people of color, the economically disadvantaged, people with disabilities, veterans, LGBTQIA+ people, and other marginalized groups at Elixir with Love and in the larger open source community.

Scholarship Tickets

In addition to the diversity ticket, a limited number of free scholarship tickets for those facing economic, social, or other hardships will be made available depending on sponsorship support and attendee contributions.

Speaker Lineup Header

technical keynote =

Elixir 1.6

Elixir 1.6 is coming at the start of 2018! This talk will showcase new features, and a few old, that help meet our three main design goals: productivity, maintainability, and reliability. Expect a few tips and tricks along the way for Elixirists of any level of expertise.

James is an API engineer at Pinterest, where he works on the service framework. He is a member of the Elixir and Ecto core teams and a prolific open source contributor (fishcakez on github). When not answering questions in Elixir's Elixir IRC channel channel he enjoys baking, 5-a-side soccer and pinning photos of poodle crossbreeds.

cultural keynote =

How do we shape the Elixir community?

We talk about Elixir as powerful language. What about the power of community? I co-founded ElixirBridge, a volunteer-run organization that has free, weekend-long workshops in Elixir and Phoenix for underrepresented populations in tech. This talk explores what worked, what failed, and why community is important. How do we create a diverse Elixir community that is welcoming, inclusive, and sustainable?

Anna Neyzberg is a San Francisco native who has done a lot of work in the Ruby community in SF and currently sits on the board of RailsBridge. She has taken this community organizing experience and co-founded ElixirBridge last year. By day she works as a developer at Carbon Five. When not in front of a keyboard or at an ElixirBridge event, she is trying to get better at climbing rocks.

cultural keynote =

How do we shape the Elixir community?

Property-based Testing is a Mindset

Property-based testing is a technique that allows to reduce the number of unit tests and at the same time increase the robustness of a test suite by introducing randomness. It also changes the way you think about code. We now have a robust property testing library in Elixir, so time to jump into it!

Andrea is a programming enthusiast with a soft spot for functional programming and beautiful code. He loves learning new stuff. He strongly believes in accessible culture and education and in open-source software. He’s a member of the Elixir core team and uses almost exclusively Elixir for work purposes.

Functional Full-Stack Systems with Elixir, Phoenix, Nerves, and Elm

With Elixir and Phoenix, you can build robust and performant back-end services. With Elixir and Nerves, you can extend those back-end services into your physical space, whether it be sensors in a warehouse or Internet-connected devices spread across the globe. With Elm, you can create rich and maintainable user interfaces to your system without having to invest in dedicated JavaScript expertise. Your small team of Elixir developers can handle everything from sensors and devices to front-end code running in your browser, with minimal context-switching overhead.

Greg is a member of the Nerves core team and loves to help new people join the Nerves community by writing documentation, answering questions in Slack, and giving presentations. He’s also quickly becoming an Elm evangelist.

Functional Full-Stack Systems with Elixir, Phoenix, Nerves, and Elm

Building a Community For Beginners

How do you foster new developers within the community? I will tell you how I grew PyLadies Boston from zero to a thousand by focusing primarily on beginners.

Jennifer is the founder of PyLadies Boston, an organization dedicated to bringing more women into the open-source community in Boston. She currently works as a software developer at Arcadia Healthcare Solutions, but her passion is teaching women how to code. She recently moved to Pittsburgh and is getting involved with the community there!

Phoenix and React: A Ticket to Fly

While porting a project from Ruby on Rails to Elixir/Phoenix (plus React), I’ve realized just how deceiving looks can be. “Ticket to Fly” focuses on finding solutions to unexpected challenges along the way. Specifically, we’ll look into working with images, a case for recursion, and fun with pipes.

Catherine Zoller is a software engineer in Boulder at Mojotech. Lately she spends her days working with React and Elixir. On summer weekends you’ll find her in the garden building a habitat for birds, bees & butterflies. When the snow flies (winter is coming) she spins yarn, knits socks, and programs in Elixir as much as possible.

Phoenix and React: A Ticket to Fly

Erlang is full of great ideas, but for decades no one used it. Now with Elixir, the ideas of Erlang are seeing widespread adoption for the first time. What happened? What is Elixir doing that Erlang didn’t? Why are so many great tech ideas accessible to only a few? And how can we change this?

Hannah Howard is a senior developer and tech generalist with over 15 years experience in programming and other technical fields. Prior to programming, Hannah worked for 10 years in the non-profit sector in Los Angeles, specializing in LGBT advocacy and community organizing. Hannah returned to coding in 2012, and brings her passion and experience from community organizing to helping new programmers get up to speed on technical topics.

Deployment without Angst: Patterns for Modern Elixir DevOps

Elixir deployment is hard. In many ways, the rules of Elixir deployment run counter to many of the best practices of modern DevOps. This talk will share how Motel currently ships, tests and reviews multiple Phoenix products every day with GitLab, Kubernetes, and distillery releases.

Scott is a polyglot engineer who writes Elixir as the lead engineer at Motel. At Motel, Scott crafts Elixir and mentors other engineers. He also holds the record for most countries traveled to, most miles ran, and most slack emojis made of his face.

Deployment without Angst: Patterns for Modern Elixir DevOps

You’re Just Not My Type: Using Dialyzer to bring type checking to your Elixir code

Recently, languages like Elm and TypeScript have revitalized an interest in type checking amongst web developers. Come learn what all the hype around types is about and how your Elixir codebase can benefit from type specs and type checking.

Emma is a Senior Software Engineer at Second Spectrum, where she gets to solve all kinds of fun problems around how to build compelling data visualization and analytics apps for clients like the NBA and the LA Clippers. She is actively involved in various STEAM education equity initiatives in low-income communities across Los Angeles, including co-organizing YouthBuild Charter School of California’s CODEChella, serving on the Advisory Board at the Critical Design and Gaming School, teaching robotics and programming at Heart of Los Angeles, and co-directing Code Hawk Camp, an inclusive and free summer computer science camp for students in South LA.

Managing Tables with Elixir and OTP

For many developers, the concepts of OTP are foreign. By taking the audience through an example involving restaurants, we can expose core ideas behind GenServers and Supervisors. Attendees will come away with a clear idea on what is possible and more importantly, how to leverage the tools do it.

Robert loves bouncing around the globe helping companies build their apps – it doesn’t really matter who for. You’ll find him developing an indie music app one day, then scaling a giant telemedicine platform the next. He’s worked gigs in Boston, NYC and Paris but now runs his remote agency, Echobind. He steps away from the screen to hang with his family, ride bikes, and take pics.

Managing Tables with Elixir and OTP


Elixir with Love will take place at the historic Providence Biltmore in Providence, RI.

11 Dorrance Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02903


Friday, November 10th, 2017

8:00AM Registration Open / Continental Breakfast  🥐
9:00AM Introductory Remarks
Cultural Keynote: How do we shape community?
9:50AM Managing Tables with Elixir and OTP
10:20AM Coffee & Mingle Break  ☕️
10:40AM Phoenix and React: A Ticket to Fly
11:10AM Building a Community for Beginners
11:50AM Alignment
12:00AM Lunch and "Framework for Inclusivity" Panel  
1:00PM “You’re just not my type”: Using Dialyzer to bring type checking to your Elixir code
1:30PM Property-based testing is a mindset
2:10PM Deployment without Angst: Patterns for modern Elixir DevOps
2:40PM Fun time - Book raffle and open lightning talk signup 🎉
3:10PM Functional Full-Stack Systems with Elixir, Phoenix, Nerves, and Elm
3:40PM Idea Scaling
Technical Keynote: Elixir 1.6
5:00PM Closing Remarks
5:10PM Open Lightning Talks ⚡️


Elixir with Love is organized by
Omid Bachari and Rachael Serur. Get in touch!